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Piercing Gallery

Piercings are a form of body art for the brave. It is definitely a procedure that most of my "victims" get siked up for! I have been piercing now for almost 14 years. I can honestly say that I DIG IT!!!!

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4 gauge Captive Bead Ring 4 gauge Earlet Double Nose Piercing, has two gold nosebones... Labret piercing
Lip with 14gauge 1/2" CBR Female Nipples 14 Gauge 1/2" CBR Female Nipples monroe piercing with a jewelled labret
eyebrow piercing on master mandy...ahhh look out for the whip!! yum sauce!! Nose Bone Naval Piercings, One Centered and One Offset by request Rook with Barbell
Rook with a Barbell Tongue Piercing with Niobium Knocker Tongue Saver, Multi Color Naval Piercing with CBR and Green Dice as Bead
the master going against her husbands best wishes...yippie kye yeah mutha fizucka!! Industrial piercing in cartilage 00 gauge lobes with 2 gauge CBR
3 labret and 8 gauge septum jamie showing his lovelier soft side jamie expresses his thanks to me for all I have poked him with spike in cartilage and stretch lobes, 8g, 10g, and 12g
14 gauge tragus orbital cartilage piercing on my master of disaster! 14 gauge barbell in the nipples 8 gauge barbell in tongue
male nipple piercing tongue piercing on my sexy hot tamale master...whoo hoo!! pierced helix with a hoop right outter labia
my new labret piercing...I did this one on my own...what a rush!!! this looks hawt!

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