Frequently asked questions about tattoos.

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Do tattoos hurt? Of course they do! However, the type of pain that occurs depends on the person and their tolerance to pain. I would describe the feeling as an "ant bite" feeling. The first five minutes of tattooing is the hardest. The area will begin to become somewhat numb after that.

Where is the least painful place for a tattoo? The most least painful place for tattoos are on the more fatty areas. Other than that, pretty much everywhere has it's own type of pain. My opinion is that wherever you want your tattoo is where you should get it no matter the pain. It will be there for life.

I have never had a tattoo before. Where should I go? If you are a first timer and have no clue where to begin, you should start by checking in at your local shops. Not all shops are the right choice. It is important that you are comfortable where you decide to go, whether it be at a store front shop or an underground studio (someone's house or studio). Sterility is the most important thing to look for. A clean artist is the best type.

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