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How bad do piercings hurt? Piercings, when done professionally, really don't hurt too bad. The worst part of the experience is the "anxiety" that you feel prior to the procedure.

What type of jewelry do you need for the piercing? When you first get your initial piercing the metal must be surgical stainless steel. The body rejects this metal the least. After the piercing heals, other materials can be use such as: gold, titanium, niobium, and acrylic.

I really want my tongue pierced but I have a job that won't allow it. I have heard the tongue swells really bad, is this true? Can I take the jewelry out right away for work and put it in later? Is there jewelry to hide my piercing? First thing is, everyone's tongue is different and there is a paticular place a tongue should be pierced, your professional artist will know that. If there happens to be tough scar tissue in the area it should not be a problem, and if it is, she/he will tell you. Second, if you remove your jewelry during the healing process, exspect it to begin healing and sealing the hole the second the jewelry is removed. Then if you try to put the jewelry back in, you are putting yourself in danger of tearing the healing flesh (muscle). This can cause the healing to take longer as well as cause infection and discomfort, and possible scarring. My advice to you, if have it done but buy what is called a hide a is two flesh colored cylinders on both ends made of acrylic. They should be able to screw on the initial piercing barbell and then fit on the standard barbell once your swelling reduces, if you swell at all. Don't mistaken the hide a hole for a barbell with tan or pinkish colored balls--- that is not a hide a hole. I hide a hole should be cylinder shaped like a UFO with pink and red little colors in it to match the tongue. I have worked in a bank and it passes. Most clients I have who use the hide a hole are very pleased with it. It serves its purpose well.

I have been considering getting my tongue pierced, but there are a few things that I would like to clear up first. There are many stories that I've heard and many that are conflicting. I just want to know the truth.
  1. If you have the piercing in for several years, and then you take it out permanently will the whole eventually close completely or only partially?
  2. If you have a tongue ring are you more likely to get infections?
  3. Will getting a tongue ring cause a lisp, or will I still talk normally?
That's it for now. Thanks for your help.
The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and heals very fast. If you take your jewelry out, no matter the length of time you had it in, it will eventually close up. There is no real visual difference when the jewelry is not in. A tongue ring as oppose to a barbell?? We call the tongue ring a hoop that goes in the tongue as oppose to a barbell. Both will have the same amount of success healing and/or getting infection evenly. Like I said before, the tongue heals very fast, and with the proper after care as well as a professional piercing job, you will have almost no chance of infection. Make sure to follow your artists after care instructions. For the tongue, it is usually Listerine after EVERYTHING (smoke, eat, kiss, drink) you put in or on your mouth, including kissing. Water is the only thing that does not need a Listerine rinse after. You artist will pierce you first with an extra long barbell. Then, as soon as the swelling (if you swell) is gone, you will be told to put the correct length of barbell in your tongue. Everyone gets pierced with the long bar at first because you can never tell who will swell or not. It can be dangerous to be pierced with anything shorter than a 7/8". If pierced professionally, you should not have any problems at all with a lisp or funny talk. Professional artists have been trained to know where to pierce the client. Every tongue is different and there are things we look for and placement is on the top of the list! I have noticed some clients walking out of here afraid to speak normally, however, being pierced twice in the tongue, I find that the client is overplaying it or they aren't use to the barbell just yet.

Hi, I saw your website and it said if you have any questions to email you...... all my friends say I have a vain going through the middle of my tongue but I went with my dad to get a tattoo and the man who done the tattoo said there is no such thing as a vain through the middle of the tongue any body could have there tongue pierced I'm really confused I'm getting my tongue pierced next year and I just wanted to know if I could have it done please email me back. Well for one thing, everyone has veins through their tongue. We have veins through out our whole body. I don't know why your Dad's tattoo artist would tell you that. I have pierced hundreds if not more tongues and every one of them had veins, its called being human. (Bad joke). Ok, here is the thing. If you go to a professional piercer, they will know exactly where to pierce you at. They can hit as many veins as possible and it will still be ok. Now, if you told me your main "artery" vein is going down the center of your tongue, I would pierce you from the bottom up at a slight slant. Slight meaning you can hardly tell I pierced it at a slant, so that the piercing is straight and centered with your tongue. I personally have a vein going straight down the center of my tongue too, which many do, but it is not my main artery vein. We usually have the main artery veins going up along the sides (underneath the tongue). So, I say go for it. Don't worry too much about it. It is normal and you will be fine as long as you have it done professionally. Tattoos and piercings are considered minor surgery and a professional is who you want to have doing your procedure.

I want my tongue pierced but I am scared. Do they hurt? What should I look forward to with the tongue piercing? Well, in my pro opinion... no piercing I have hurt, with the exception of the cartilage in the ear. I have 18 piercings, including the tongue. If you have it done professionally, look at spending $50 and up, depending where you live. This should include the initial piercing jewelry. If your tongue swells, it should be only 4-10 days of swelling. When the swelling goes down, you will need to replace the initial piercing barbell with the correct size depending in your tongue...usually a 14 gauge 5/8" that is standard. You artist should give you care instructions and advise on how to aid in the swelling so that it goes down faster. You have a 50/50 chance of swelling. There is not much blood and sometime none if you are not a bleeder. Again. I want to stress that it is your tongue so a pro piercer is the one you want to have do your piercing. It is a piece of cake and only takes a pro less than a minute from start to finish.

I have heard that the tongue can lose feeling if it is pierced wrong. Is this true? The tongue is a more advanced piercing and should only be done by a professional. The tongue is one of the bodies strongest muscles and heals very quickly. If there is a problem with the piercing, you would know it immediately after the piercing is done. I have never seen or heard of anyone loosing the feeling in their tongue personally.

Hey, I read your FAQs page on tongue piercings. I have a question that I just can't seem to find the answer to. For people with shorter tongues, is it possible to get pierced at an angle, so whereas the top ball would be centered, but the bottom would be at an angle? If so, would it be that noticeable? Thank you for your time. If you get your tongue pierced professionally, you should have no problems because your tongue is small. I have pierced many many tongues, and all tongues are different. If you pierce your tongue at a slant you may have difficulty healing and it feeling comfortable. Reason is, your tongue is a muscle and it works together...if you have a metal bar in it at a slant - your tongue may be fighting the bar to relax.... it will tug and constantly have struggle with the bar. This can also cause the bar to lay different creating a crease (line) in your toungue. I never met a tongue I couldn't pierce. Most professionals should do you justice.

Do piercings bleed a lot? Most piercings don't bleed too much. If the person being pierced has had alcohol, aspirin, or other blood thinners then there may be more blood than normal.

How are the piercings done? Most piercings are done with hollow sterilized piercing needles. Depending on the type of piercing will determine what other instruments are used, such as, forceps, receiving tubes, and jewelry type.

Hey, I am thinking about getting a vertical clit hood piercing and want to know all the risks..could you help? A vertical piercing should only be done by a pro. When and if you go, make sure to askwhat the procedure entails so you know what your artist is doing and you are assured that you know what they are doing when they talk you through the process. Basically, a vertical hood will be done with a 16 gauge or larger (14,12,10 etc). You can have a hoop (recommended) or a longer than your piercing barbell put in. Only use surgical stainless steel. The higher the grade, the better the metal. Since it is a mucous membrane alcohol should be used. Only green soap (anti bacterial) and small amount of peroxide. If the piercer is a pro, the piercing should be done quickly, that is assuming they run into no problems or have a over anxious client. All genital piercings heal well and quick due to the acid in your urine. So the after care is minimal. Be brave and do your artist a favor and have your genital area cleaned and well manicured (short hair or shaved). It also makes your healing process better.

I want to get my tongue pierced and I have for a while, but my mom doesn't want me to unless she gets all the info first, so I just wanted to know the risks of infection, the swelling, healing time, any information u can give me would be awesome. Thank you! If done professionally, you will have no problems. The tongue is pierced with a 14 gauge 7/8" barbell at first to leave room for any swelling. Once the swelling (if you swell at all) has gone down, you will put in the regular barbell, which is normally a 14 gauge 5/8' barbell. All the metal is stainless steel and poses little room for infection. If you follow the after care instructions, which is to wash the mouth out with Listerine after everything you put in your mouth, then you will be fine. It is a pleasant piercing and you may be a little sore the next couple of days, but mainly from the clamp. The tongue will be ready for the regular barbell in two weeks after the piercing. Then it will be fully healed in about 30 days. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and heals very very well given you follow all the after care instructions. Stay away from spicey foods, pepper, tough food, etc. A nice cold icee or slurpee will aid in the healing process because it helps the swelling. As for as convincing your mom, a recommend to all my under aged minors to write an essay to your parents on why you want the piercing, your responsibilities at hand with the piercing, and the medical aspects of the piercing. This has helped many minors get their parents approval and support. Hope this helps!

After reading your FAQ page on tongue piercings I only have a couple of questions. You say that I should rinse with listerine after anything goes in my mouth. How long should I continue this process? Also, I heard that getting your tongue pierced can make your breath stink. Is this true? Oh, and you said to stay away from spicey foods....for how long? The Listerine should be done for a month, ESPECIALLY the first two weeks. The spicey foods are the same amount of time, a month. It takes the tongue about a month to heal, so you want to allow it ample time to heal properly. As for having bad breath (halitosis), this is untrue. I have had my tongue pierced about 6 years and I have nice breath. I think that some people don't keep a clean mouth (floss twice a day, brush teeth 3 times a day, or brush their tongue), so this could be why some people have bad breath. Make sure you brush your tongue when you get your tongue pierced and remove the white film that builds up.

Is Listerine the only thing I can use to clean my mouth and piercing? No, Listerine is good to use but you can also use sea salt and warm water to rinse your mouth. Some even squeeze juice from a lemon into the mix. If you are going to use Listerine, stick to Listerine and not any other name brands or generic brands.

What is the dent in my tongue under the ball on the top? This is called a "crater". Basically, it is gravity pulling on your jewelry. The crater is normal and nothing to worry about. If you were to remove your jewelry for a few minutes, the crater would disappear. So, no worries and don't freak out.

I have heard that getting your tongue pierced messes up your teeth, I guess makes them crooked or chipped or something, is this true? If you get into the habit of playing with your jewelry then you can put yourself in high risk to chip a tooth or crack a tooth. Also, some people eat fast and move their tongue alot when they eat so this can also cause you to chomp on your jewelry making you at high risk also.

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